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Shine Bright: Glitzy Black Nylon Dress for a Radiant Look

Style party dress

Size free size

Fabric sequin little stretchable

Colour black

Detailing all hademade sequin work


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4 in stock

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Introducing our enchanting black nylon dress, a glamorous and medium-sized piece designed to make you shine at any event. This long dress is adorned with glitter, adding a touch of opulence to your look.

With a length of 36 inches and a bust measurement of 30 inches, this dress ensures a comfortable and flattering fit for a medium-sized frame. The consistent sizing guarantees that you’ll look and feel your best for any occasion.

The classic black color of this dress exudes sophistication, while the glittery embellishments add a touch of luxury and radiance. It’s the perfect choice for a wide range of events, from formal gatherings to special evenings out, ensuring you look resplendent.

Elevate your style with this captivating black nylon dress featuring glittery details. Whether it’s a formal event or a special evening out, this dress will ensure you exude timeless beauty and make a lasting impression


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